Six reasons why DIY cakes are helpful in COVID-19 pandemic

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In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic when most of the country is in lockdown and movement too is majorly restricted each one is looking for avenues to keep themselves productively engaged and occupied. A simple method to be engaged yet energized is to utilize our kitchens and cooking spaces in new and innovative ways. It has been widely known that cooking and baking is not only a utilitarian activity but can also be very therapeutic if done with the right mindset. One such way to use our kitchen therapeutically is to indulge in the fine art of cake making. Often it is seen that no matter what the celebration; big or small, casual or formal, cakes are normally ordered from a nearby bakery in Gurugram or wherever you reside. With so many bakeries these days that deliver fresh cakes at short notice, it seems like a great idea. However, there are several benefits of cake making at home and DIY cakes that should be duly considered if cakes and pastries are one of your guilty pleasures.

An outlet for creativity:

One is always looking for newer ways of learning and avenues to express one’s creativity. You can be sure that cake making at home will provide you both. Not only is a cake making an easy and fun activity but it can also be a team activity where you can bring along your friends and family to help. DIY cakes become even more splendid if kids are around to help, however, be sure you are going to have some cleaning to do once the baking is done.

Forge relationships:

Who can say no to a freshly baked cake when shared with love and enthusiasm? From kids to old age folks each one is delighted at the very thought of a cake. Surely, not only will cake making increase your popularity at home but making cakes at home can be a great ice breaker for your neighborhood community as well. Now you can celebrate the Father’s day, birthday, or anniversary of a loved right at home and that too with a freshly baked cake by you.

Keeps you Busy:

With the current lockdown in most parts of the country, most householders are facing the evils of a lot of free time on their hands. Cake making is a simple yet fun activity than can put smiles on the faces of all your loved ones and make any evening at home even more delightful. Also, DIY cakes making are not as time-consuming as they appear. Within a couple of hours, you can have a lovely cake ready at home.

Healthier Option:

It is no secret that processed foods and ingredients in most of the ready to eat items pose a threat to the general health of our population. DIY cakes are a simple way to cut out all those unnecessary food additives and make our cakes trans-fat free. One such way to indulge in healthier cakes is by replacing fatty icings with fresh dairy creams and synthetic fillings with fruit extracts. DIY cakes are a great option for weight watchers to be involved in baking at home and simple to bring down the caloric intake.

Infinite options and Customization:

With most bakeries supplying only a limited variety of cakes in these times. Baking a cake at home can give you several different options to choose from. You do not have to be at the mercy of your bakery anymore. At the click of a button you can find several recipes online and that too those that suit your taste buds and preferences. For example, Vegetarians can opt for eggless options in several DIY cakes, and kids with a special affinity for fruits can indulge in something they truly like.


Compared to cakes that are ordered from cake shops and bakeries, a DIY cake can prove to be economical in more ways than one. Not only will u find baking a cake at home more economical than ordering one but it can also be a great way to use surpluses cake-related ingredients such as flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, vanilla essence and chocolate chips that would normally go waste if one does not indulge in cake making at home. Be sure to treat friends and family with your amazing DIY cake creations. Keep trying newer recipes and healthier options to spread smiles all around.

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