DIY Desserts (Butterscotch Pastry)

Butterscotch Pastry
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This one is for all the homemakers out there who have a sweet tooth in their family, always craving for desserts and sweet dishes. Make the most of the new normal by trying out this delectable and healthy recipe to make a spectacular dessert for any celebration in your family. These days since one has to be on guard 24/7 against the corona-virus, ordering traditional sweets and desserts from outside is fraught with danger. You should give it a miss and prepare this quick and fruitful pastry recipe at home. What’s best about this recipe is that you don’t need many ingredients and it’s ready to serve in just a few hours.

Please note: 1 cup size is equivalent to 250 ml unit size.


1 ¼ cup All purpose flour

1 cup Powder sugar

1 teaspoon Baking powder

1/2 teaspoon Baking soda

½ cup oil

1 cup Whipping cream

Mixed nuts (cashews, almonds and peanuts)

2 teaspoons Butterscotch extract

1 teaspoon Vinegar

¾ cup Milk

5-6 drops Yellow food colouring


  1. To begin with get some butter milk ready for this creation. For this, take ¾ cup of milk and add 2 teaspoons of vinegar. Gently stir and keep aside. This shall curdle and form the butter milk we need.
  2. Now let’s start creating the cake batter. Take 1 ¼ cup all purpose flour and mix in ¾ cup powder sugar. To this add 1 teaspoon baking powder and ¼ teaspoon baking soda. Now add in ½ cup oil and finally mix in the butter milk we made in step 1. Mix it all well together to get a rich, creamy and smooth pastry batter.
  3. Now to this batter add 1 teaspoon butterscotch extract and 3-4 drops of yellow food colouring. Mix it all well. Take your well oiled baking mould and pour in all the cake/pastry batter.
  4. We are now ready to start baking, place the mould in a pre heated oven at 180 degree for 35 minutes.
  5. Now we have to make the butterscotch pralines that add the divine crunch and texture which makes this creation even more magnificent.
  6. On a frying pan, Put ½ cup sugar in a pan and pour in 2 table spoons of water, caramelize this well till it turns golden brown and then pour in the mixed nuts concoction comprising of almonds, cashews and peanuts. Gently mix and cook for 5 minutes and then pour this praline mix onto a butter paper to cool completely. Once cooled, break it into smaller pieces and using a rolling pin. Crush it into tiny granules of sweet nuttiness.
  7. It’s now time to start putting together our wonderful creation, as our butterscotch cake must be ready now, pull the baking dish out of the oven. Clear the edges of the butterscotch cake from the baking mould and release from mould. Now shave off any extra trimmings of the cake from the side and top to leave a well edged and perfectly square shaped cake.
  8. Divide the cake into 3 equal layers horizontally, for this use a sharp knife and slice well horizontally across the cake. Once the cake is sliced, we need to prepare the butterscotch syrup and creamy icing that is going to make our butterscotch pastries moist and creamy. In your mixing bowl take 1 cup whipping cream and beat for 2-3 minutes. Add 1 tablespoon powder sugar and 2-3 drops of yellow food colouring. Beat all this once more till stiff peaks form. For the butterscotch syrup, add 1 teaspoon butterscotch extract/essence to a cup of sugar syrup and mix well.
  9. Now it’s time to start assembling our wonderful dessert that is going to have all asking for seconds.  Brush some sugar syrup onto the first layer of the cake and then gently spread the whipped cream filling over it. Now sprinkle some butterscotch granules over it and place the second layer of cake on it. Repeat the process of brushing some sugar syrup, spreading the whipped cream and sprinkling the butterscotch granules over it. Now place the third layer of cake over this and repeat the process again.
  10. We will now have a splendid 3 layered butterscotch cake with the goodness of nuts and freshly whipped cream. All that needs to be done now is that the cake needs to be sliced vertically into lovely rectangular pastries and its ready to be served. For best results you can refrigerate the 3 layered cake for a couple of hours before slicing into pastries. Be sure to enjoy and share this delectable creation with your friends and family and also you can try doraemon cake  with same butterscotch flavor.

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