Vanilla Cake


  100% Eggless

Super Soft white sponge, laced with vanilla flavoured non-dairy cream,... view more


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Vanilla Cake is made purely around the extracts of vanilla beans. Vanilla is believed to have been first cultivated on Mexico’s east coasts. Calling Vanilla, a saint’s fruit would be perfect as smelling vanilla can have calming effects even on grownups. That way the Vanilla Cake can be a great choice for calming aggressive meets. Vanilla can reduce cholesterol and hence good for the heart, It also contains healing properties, helps in hair growth, calms & soothe minds. Order a Vanilla Cake before you ought to apologize to someone this may help the person calm down magically.   



  • Cake Flavour: Vanilla
  • Type of Cake: Icing
  • Sponge: White
  • Sponge Layers: 3 
  • Ingredients between layers: mild Vanilla cream
  • Icing: Vanilla Cream
  • Toppings: Assorted Edible Flowers

Health Benefits:
Vanilla has the quality to calm the mind by directly hitting the nerves with the fragrance, good for wiping out the scars with regular use under the guidance of experts, repairs the skin cells, improve respiratory conditions, can boost hair growth & control hair damage.

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