Mocha Cake


  100% Eggless

Mocha cake is a very smooth combination of coffee extract blended with... view more


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Mocha cake is the heavenly combination of the finest coffee extracts with premium chocolates mixed in a definite proportion by expert brew masters to assist our skilled chefs', in marrying perfectly baked white sponge & silky soft cream obtained from plants to curate this eye-rolling mocha cake, which gives the cake its extraordinary looks, aroma, taste and it's not bitter. Coffee is not just a stimulant, it also contains significant contents of magnesium, the B vitamins, niacin, and riboflavin. So next time organize your meetings over this special Mocha Cake from Crust N Cakes and not just beverages. Coffee helps in reducing body fat, keeps you focused, and enhances energy levels, Coffee is the best friend of the brain as it boosts dopamine making your mind happy shining through your face. Mocha Cake is not just another confectionary it’s the result of experienced brew masters & proficient chefs. If you are a coffee lover, give it a try and you will fall for Mocha cake every time.


  • Cake Flavour: Combination of fine Coffee & premium chocolate
  • Type of Cake: Icing
  • Sponge: Chocolate
  • Sponge Layers: 3 
  • Ingredients between layers: Coffee n cream
  • Icing: vegan coffee cream 
  • Toppings: sprinkled coffee & Choco-Coffee Cream dollops

Health Benefits:
Coffee & Chocolate enhances dopamine, the feel great chemical for the brain. Coffee reduces body fat, makes the body more active, boosts energy levels, and helps reduce the risk of many diseases.

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