Mix Fruit Cake


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Red Roses Bouquet


Mix Fruit cake at Crust N Cakes looks like a wholesome colorful bouquet arranged to appeal to the eyes and magically awesome to taste buds. The Mix fruit cake has been arranged in a specific way to ensure a very balanced taste. 3 layers of a sponge having fine chopped non-citric fruits with cream between layers ensure you get a health-filled scoop in every bite you take. Assorted seasonal fruit slices on top of the Mix Fruit cake are not just adding their goodness to your health they beautify the entire cake to complement our chef’s creation. The All-Season Fruit like Apple & Kiwi is the standard ingredients of our Mix Fruit Cake. The cake shall also include Red Globe Grapes, Malta, Mango, Strawberry, Green Grapes, Orange, Black Grapes, and so on depending upon availability. These fruits are a treasure of health components, a blessing of nature, and a boon from mother earth. Many of them are rich in Vitamin C keeping you away from falling sick often by boosting your immune system, also contain all other vitamins, minerals, Fatty Acids, proteins, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium ad a lot more. So, when you eat Mix Fruit cake you actually take a bite of health supernova.



  • Cake Flavour: Assorted Premium Fruits
  • Type of Cake: Icing
  • Sponge: White / Vanilla
  • Sponge Layers: Multi
  • Ingredients between layers: non-citric fruits with trans-fat-free vegan cream
  • Icing: Silky non-dairy cream
  • Toppings: May include handpicked premium fruits like Kiwi, Apples, Red Globe Grapes, Malta, Mango, Strawberry, Green Grapes, Orange, Black Grapes, etc.

Health Benefits:
Kiwis are a rich source of Vitamin C hence it boosts the immune system & reduces body fat. Apple is good for your heart and lowers the risk of diabetes, Red Globe Grapes are a good source of vitamin K and C, Malta is a good source of vitamin C that helps in the development and repairs all of our body tissues, Mangoes help improve digestive health and contains immune-boosting nutrients, Strawberries improves hair growth and boosts immunity, Green grapes prevents fatigue and enhances brain health, Oranges make it easier to absorb iron to fight anemia, Black grapes are rich in antioxidants.

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