Drunken Devil Cake ( RUM Cake)


  100% Eggless

Layers of raisin’s rum-infused multi-layered rich chocolate sponge, ... view more


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Red Roses Bouquet


Crust N Cakes signature Drunken Devil cake has always been the number one choice of CNC lovers. The great balanced combination of the finest chocolate with cherry-soaked aged rum makes the Drunken Devil cake an amazing choice for all celebrations every time. Finally, the cake is topped up with rum-puffed raisin balls hidden in chocolate bomb shots covered in devil-looking red crumbs (shots of surprises). Drunken Devil cake doesn’t make you high however it definitely gives you a kick that everyone wants during their exhausted long working days. This opens one’s eye and creates some special effect that the first-timers cannot hold them from asking “what cake is this?”, with the first bite of the Drunken Devil slice, the majority of the audience forgets the ear-piercing speeches, scold & grilling of the whole day and they themselves get to front foot into the work war. So next time act as a more mature manager and just offer a slice of Drunken Devil Cake then deliver the usual motivational one-on-one speeches. Drunken Devil Cake’s concoction is created after days of n numbers of trials with expert BTs & our Chefs. This devil is a heavenly experience everyone wants to have more and more. If you order Drunken Devil Cake, people will praise your choice of cake and then the rest arrangements for your celebrations. NOT FOR KIDS



  • Cake Flavour: Rum Cake
  • Type of Cake: Icing
  • Sponge: Rich Chocolate
  • Sponge Layers: Multi
  • Ingredients between layers: Cherry-soaked rum with chocolate truffle
  • Icing: Premium Chocolate Truffle
  • Toppings: Red Velvet Crumb coated aged rum-soaked raisin balls

Health Benefits:
Google to know the benefits. We promote cakes “the happy food”, which is to be consumed at various celebration opportunities. And every cake is unique in its own way including the Drunken Devil Cake however we do not promote the consumption of alcohol in any form. Hence, despite having good reasons to consume in certain quantities we do not describe them.

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