How often does a thought, an incident turn into a story? And then does it need to be a story worth telling?? These and a few more similar thoughts, I began to put together a business idea. A service that is genuine, had to do with food ( being from hospitality) and a name that allowed me to do whatever I want with my ingredients and also my story !! Plain and simple . It was really a personal inclination and preference, that being Fresh & 100% eggless cakes. The cakes and the variety we have, intend to capture that philosophy. Can an exotic cake be exotic, delicious and NOT have eggs? Well yes! I guess that's what makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur, doing what they are passionate about in a thought way, because then we can bring out the truth in every product we make! As a brand we embody tradition, quality ingredients, innovation, responsibility and customer satisfaction. Crust N Cakes is built on the strong belief in high quality cakes at extremely competitive prices. While our main focus remains delivering fresh eggless cakes, we will also be venturing into the complete coffee shop experience with a spread of *exotic, 0% maida, german malt based, high in fiber, healthy vegetarian Pizzas, gourmet sandwiches, salads & more. Having started only in 2015, CnC have shown staggering progress with 3 operational kitchens serving Delhi NCR, including Gurgaon, Noida & Ghaziabad. As a result, Crust ‘n’ Cakes has ambitiously delivered 1,00,000+ freshly baked, delicately designed 100% Eggless cakes within 24 hours till date.