Roses N Weed Cake

It is a not a common cake which combines the freshness of fruits like kiwi, strawberries, cherries etc. with the sweetness of silky whipped cream. It is a sophisticated choice which can add uniqueness to the texture of cake. It is a healthier choice for cake worshippers.

100% Eggless
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Roses N Weed refers to the Red & Green coloured exotic fruits. This is a Rare combination of fascinating fruits like Strawberries, Kiwis & Red Globe Grapes with the healthier version of cotton soft cream and freshly baked white sponge make it an awesome choice for classy & fitness enthusiasts for all their cake cravings. The crisscross chocolate fencing makes it the king of the cakes. So try out our signature blend for which even your doctor won’t say no, and experience the best in the market. The taste of this concoction is breathtaking, this not just melts in your mouth moreover the taste linger around in your mouth and memory thus makes your celebration moment a memorable one.

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