Mocha Cake

This cake is the best option for those people who are in love with both chocolate and coffee. Just like its name, its taste is also awesome. The finest cocoa along with coffee beans together mixed in a definite proportion which gives the cake its extraordinary aroma and taste.

100% Eggless
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Mocha Cake is a Smooth blend of kahwa, cocoa sponge & silky whip cream frosting. This gives you a low on caffeine, munch-able mocha coffee. So next time when you want to catch up over your favorite beverage with someone just get us to have your special brew delivered at your home without being worried about the spillage of your beloved connection maker and let it stimulate your senses to a new refreshing high to make your day extraordinary. Chocolate & cream would smooth the real acidic character of the main ingredient discreetly to make it most demanding among all. Like our other products, this too is our 100% vegetarian creation. This can be a lovely choice for a change, breakfast and after meal desserts at any time of the day in any weather.

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