Wonderful easy DIY party hacks 

You can have the exclusive party and not necessarily by spending million bucks for it. You can add some much fun and elegance in the event just with some clever tricks. Take a look at these wonderful easy DIY party hacks. 

You can hang balloons in the garden and make it simple yet cool. 

One more cheap idea is to hang bottles with the flowers. 

Lighting the candles and placing them in the pool is an unique way to give a warm welcome to the guests. 

Tying the lights on the sticks can give it an amazing look. 

Just simply dropping balloons in the pool for summer pool party can make it so much fun. 

Add edible flowers with ice when using for a party. 

These tables are shorter in hight and adding pillows for sitting arrangement is a better way to have a blast. 

Adding candles for a night time gives the unforgettable experience. 

Well here it is. 

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