This Weekend Make It Big With Your Loved One

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Hectic schedules rule the week of everyone’s life today. The deadlines of projects and the goals of the months, the pressure of the meetings and the studies of children; most of our life keeps spinning like a pendulum – all thanks to tough schedules. Opting out of this cobweb with weekend celebrations is not only a treat to your stressed body but would also leave your beloved and better half delighted! Spending the time together and connecting with those you love brings true happiness in the life. The weekend is a perfect opportunity to take the time out and spread happiness.

From going on a long drive to watching movies, there are a number of fun ways to spend a memorable weekend. Here are a few ideas that you can follow to make your weekend a memorable and unforgettable reminiscence.

Plan a picnic


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Find a shady spot to throw a picnic lunch together and enjoy the day with your loved one. Either involve your wife in preparing the picnic basket or give her a surprise. Chill out on the beach, lie on the grass and enjoy the mild sun. Wives can cook the favorite dishes of their husbands and take them along to the picnic place. They would surely love to eat the specially cooked food.

Explore outdoors


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Weekend gives you a perfect opportunity to connect truly with your dear ones. Go for a walk or bike-ride together and have a fruitful conversation. Or you can just go the nearest park to relax just like you used to do, say, five years before. Play with the children and relive your childhood. Set your spirit free and revel in nature.

Playing Video games


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Well almost every guy is a gamer , if your bf is a gamer then bring out all his favourite games and play with him.

Watch a classic movie


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Collect and watch the favorite movies of your wife. This will convince her that you care about her choices. Enjoy the movie together. Add icing on the cake with popcorns and snacks and have a quality time together.

Go for a lunch date


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Book a reservation in advance for a lunch date with your loved one. Surprise him/her with flowers and music at a special place. Have a good conversation with your favorite cuisines and person in front of you.

Explore the city


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Plan a day out with your dear ones. Exploring the museums, historical monuments or cafes is a great way to build bond which was lost with time. Take your camera with you to capture your special moments. To further add to the fun, invite common friends too and make memories while you giggle, jump and fickle!

Go to a resort


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Go for a short vacation at a resort or nearby tourist place to relax and experience thecalm environment. Have some good food at a restaurant or finger-licking dishes at a desi-dhaba. Play board games, card games, badminton and other games to have some quality time together. It’s a nice way to spend your weekend in a hassle-free environment.

Make a romantic dinner


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Plan a romantic, candlelight dinner for your spouse. It needs not to be expensive to convey your love. A simple gesture of love and romance will be enough to make them happy.

Play the favorite music

Music is often the weak vein of all! What if one morning you wake up and find your spouse playing the favorite music all for you? Reciprocate the same for your sweetheart this weekend and see how this will bring him/her to cloud nine. Romantic start of the day, no?

Surprise her with your cooking

You are bad at cooking? But she would still love it! Give it a try and add crisp to your relation.

There are a lot more things that you can do to make this weekend memorable. Simple gestures and small efforts can make a big difference in your relationship. The only need is to recognize and take the required step.

P.S – Do not forget to add your own personal touch in each of the above suggested hacks!


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