Some Fantastic Designs Of Drum Themed Cakes

Hello guys !!! Watsup !!! Hope you are doing fine as usual. Let start with today’s post … Well today’s post is dedicated to all the Drummers out there. Drummers are the heart of a band, they are the most important member of a band ..So for these important people we present you some cool Drum Themed Cakes.  Btw  Do you wanna know how these drums are made? It’s very simple, all the drums are made of Rice Krispies and covered with gum paste. The small drums over the principal drum are attached with floral wire and covered and shaped with gum paste. The drum support is wood stick and wire attached with hot glue and covered with flower tape, then painted with silver dust. It’s not difficult, you just need patience. Saludos!



So guys, these were some cool drum themed cakes. Hope you guys liked it . Stay tuned for more awesome updates.

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