Some Cool Cricket Cake Ideas / Cricket Themed cakes

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Hello guys, as we all know ….ICCI World Cup 2019 has already been started in full swing. With more Interesting matches, still to come …. This World Cup gonna be hell of a ride :). Also According to the Managing Director of ICC, Steve Elworthy, this tournament is the flagship event of the Cricketing world… Well it is right?.
Also…do you know ?..  This is the first time after 1992 World Cup, the tournament will be played in Round Robin Format. Round Robin is a schedule format where every team in the tournament are scheduled to face every other team as in the IPL league matches.

Other Interesting facts which makes World Cup 2019 stands out from the rest are:-

  • The 2019 format of Cricket World Cup will be the first one to not include every Test Playing Nations as Zimbabwe & Ireland are left out.
  • Also, this will be the first World Cup to not include any Associate team.


More interesting facts about World Cup are as follows:-

  • England and Wales are selected to host the Cricket World Cup 2019.
  • The 2019 World Cup Starts at 30th May 2019 and the Final to be played on 14th July 2019.
  • ICC reduced the number of teams to play the tournament to 10. (The teams’ count was 14 during the previous World Cup in 2015)
  • 11 Cricket Grounds across the country are chosen to conduct the matches.
  • The Oval to host the Tournament Opener and the Lords to stage the Final of 2019 Cricket World Cup.
  • Total of 45 league matches added to 3 Knock-outs including the Final will be played.
  • 6 out of 45 league matches will be played as Day/Night Matches.
  • All Knock-outs will be played as Day matches.
  • The Day Matches are scheduled to start at 3.00 pm IST & the Day/Night matches at 6.00pm IST.

Interesting facts isn’t it… Well to celebrate this worldcup season … we present you …some Cricket themed Cakes … which will “Chaar Chaand” to  Cricket themed Party.


So here we go :-



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Source : Pinterest



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source : pinterest

So these were Some beautiful Cricket Cakes from the web , we hope you liked it ..  :)  Stay tuned for more awesome cake ideas /designs . And Do like us on facebook /twitter.

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