Naked Cake ? What’s that ? .. and why they are Naked

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Whether you like it or not, but you can’t deny the fact that Cakes are arguably the most important part of any celebration. Let it be a birthday party or Engagement …. Marriage Party or Baby Shower, Celebration feel dull without Cake … right ? … But when we talk about Cakes… You might have often heard the word ” Naked Cake ” ….But what is it? … well well well …. Naked Cakes are not those adult themed cakes .. ? 😛  — So what are they… ? ..Don’t worry Via this article we gonna explain  What is a Naked Cake and Why it is Naked ?.

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Whats a Naked Cake and why it is Naked?

Well, as the name itself signifies, Naked Cakes are the Cakes, which are Complety Naked from Outside … i.e no frosting swirls or colorful piped patterns – Yep!! you heard it right :). Naked Cakes are  easily recognized by their absent or minimal outer layer of frosting, which shows off the cake’s natural texture and filling. Credit for the naked cake trend seems to go to Christina Tosi, the chef, owner and founder of Milk Bar, the bakery-inspired dessert branch of the Momofuku restaurant group. Tosi says that leaving the frosting off the sides of the cake allows the cakes and filling flavors to shine through.

But there are many more reasons to make your next cake a naked one.  Let’s check them out :-

1) Short on Frosting? :  There are many a times, when you got your cake stuffed with all the ingerdients, but then you realise .. you are short on frosting .. lol .. 😛 ..Don’t worry Naked Cake is here for the rescue 😉  …. just skip the frosting and you are good to go .. 🙂

2) Want to Show off … What’s inside the Cake :  So you spent a hell lot of time in stuffing your cake ? making it beautiful from inside with lush filling .. then just skip the frosting and let your cake shine with color and texture of the fillings … 😉

3) Serving it on a Hot Day : Well on during hot days, frosting easily start melting.. so to avoid that, just opt for a naked cake and be sure to use a jam- or meringue-based filling … Tada !!! all done .. 😉

4) Want Something beautifully Rustic : Naked cakes offer a texture and visual appeal that frosting can’t replicate. So if you want to show off the texture and visual appeal, you can always have a Naked Cake.

5) Want Something Easy to Decorate : Naked Cake requires, very less frosting art … therefore you can easily decorate it and can focus on making beautiful cake layers. Only minimal amount of frosting is required at the top.

6) When you want Something minimal and Affordable : Naked cake means, minimal frosting or no frosting, which means no extra expense on frosting 🙂



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