How to impress boyfriend on his birthday

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In the busy world today, where people always complain about lack of time, celebrations are a way to get together and spend some quality time. Birthdays are special for everyone. But it is a very tough task to find a way to make the day special for the person.

If you are planning to celebrate the birthday of your boyfriend, you might be really confused about how to make it special for him and what you should do to impress him on his day. To impress your boyfriend it is very important that you know, what he likes and enjoys the most. This would help you in choosing the right gifts and celebrating his birthday, just the way he would like it.

Here are a few ways in which you can impress your boyfriend on his birthday:

Best Gifting Ideas

  • Gadgets:
    The boys in this generation love gadgets and are always finding ways to get their hands on new ones. If your boyfriend is a gadget freak, you can easily impress him by getting him some latest gadgets in the market like phones from Apple, iPods with preloaded music of his choice, eBook reader in case he loves reading etc. Before choosing a gadget for him, it would be a good idea to find out in a subtle way as to what he might like.
  • Collage:
    Create a collage of pictures and quotes for your boyfriend with some pictures from his childhood and some pictures of you and him together. You can also add pictures of his friends and some quotes to impress him.
  • Treasure hunt:
    Everyone loves playing treasure hunt. Engage your boyfriend in a game of treasure hunt and make him find some surprise gifts with the clues left by you. He would be really impressed with this novel way of gifting and would also enjoy the whole experience which would get etched into his memory. But make sure that the treasure hunt is not too exhaustive as boys generally do not have a lot of patience.


Everyone loves surprises. You can make the birthday a memorable one by surprising your boyfriend:

  • Surprise Guest List:
    Another way to impress your boyfriend on his birthday is by organizing a surprise party for him and inviting all his friends and family members to the party. This would really go very well with the guy and he would be really impressed with this concern that you show him and his family and friends.
  • Being Naughty:
    Your boyfriend would expect you to wish him on his birthday. What if you pretend to have forgotten his birthday? Well, this might sound a bit too much, but this is the great way to gain the attention of your guy. Surprise him with a great gift and a loving hug to assure him that you did not forget his birthday after all.
  • Romantic Birthday:
    Celebrating your boyfriend’s birthday can also mean making it one filled with love and romance for him. On his birthday, make him feel special by treating him to a romantic birthday by ordering a cake online.
  • Candle Light dinner:
    When we talk about love and romance, the first thing that comes to mind is a candle light dinner. Reserve a seat for you and your boyfriend at his favorite restaurant for a candle light dinner. Better still, whip up a dinner for him and make arrangements for a candle light dinner at your place or his place.
  • Memorable Memories :
    Sweet memories always make a day special. Take your boyfriend to a place which he likes and has fond memories of. Do not forget to carry a cake and some food and treat him to a special birthday picnic and let him revel in nostalgia. He would definitely be impressed with this gesture.


Melodious Birthday Celebration:
Sing to your boyfriend. Sing all the songs which he loves to listen to. You can strum your guitar or go for the karaoke. You can also ask him to dance with you as you sing to him. This would be a very romantic way to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday and make him feel special.

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Make your boyfriend’s birthday a memorable one and impress him with these ideas. You can always add your own touches to these to make it more special. Also, Surprise him with a birthday cake online order.


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