How to Creatively Propose Your Girlfriend

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A perfect proposal is a dream comes true for every girl.  It also requires enormous courage and sincerity and creativity on the boy’s side. While in some cases the most extravagant proposals may not always turn out to be always successful, but the most sincere ones will always be able to touch the girl’s heart. Here are some creative ways that can get you yes from your girl.

How to Creatively Propose Your Girlfriend

Make it Grand or Make it Simple

Whatever be the plan or event you have arranged for the proposal, make sure the proposal does not seem alien to both of you. A perfect proposal is something that the girl has always dreamed of. So it needs a perfect understanding of your girlfriend’s personality. It must reflect your sincerity and commitment too. It should not be something done for namesake .

Some girls like it loud , they want  a grand event or public display of  love and affection that enables her to show off how much she is loved. If your girlfriend belongs to this type, you need to get busy with some creative event and get all the help you need from her friends and family in arranging the perfect proposal.  There are a few girls who might feel shy and embarrassed with overtly exaggerated gestures and public attention. If that’s the case with your girlfriend, keep your proposal a private event that can still etch an unforgettable memory in her heart.

Find out her favorite thing in the world and present it as a gift along with your proposal.

Lights in buildings

This is a grand scale proposal idea that will sweep your girl off her feet and leave her with no other answer other than a yes. Well you can get this idea from Rabb ne bana di Jodi  (movie ).Have words with the residents of the apartment or building opposite to your girlfriend’s house or room which she can see from her roof or window. Tell them to switch on the lights in their houses or rooms at the right moment to display the question of the day ‘will you marry me?’ or just ‘marry me?’. Of course, this requires so much planning and convincing and that’s exactly what makes it a very special proposal.  You can call your girlfriend out in the night and make her view the message as a surprise. If you add fireworks to the event it would be the most romantic night of her life.

Video proposal

Well if  you are  a shy guy  &  cannot simply bring yourself to tell the magic words, you can record them. Don’t make it a plain recording, add a slideshow of happy moments and pictures from the past and envision that you promise to give with paintings, promises or a short heartfelt speech.You can also get help from her friends and family and get them to approve of you in the video. As shown in above video the guy traveled 26 countries during 4 years of dating to make this proposal video from around the world. You can do something like that  instead of 4 years  , you can try this by months. weeks, or days  and instead of Countries you can try visiting states or places in your city . Well all u need is some creative mind.

You can get her to watch her favorite movie with her and instead of credits at the end of the movie, display a message asking for her hand. And then present her with a ring.

You can also make a radio proposal when you both are together. Asking RJ of her favourite Radio channel to do you a favour 🙂


Well a video can make a memorable memento but nothing comes close to you yourself performing something just for her. Sing a song or take her to the place where you both met for the first time. Do something special for her , Bake a Cake  or if you can’t then you can always order it online  (picture cake or 3d Cakes ). The old idea of a romantic candle light dinner proposal works too.


Take her to her favorite City / Country

Plan a cute surprise ….. ( You need to do things in advance) Book tickets, take her to her favorite city or Country …  Book Taxi Online ahead of your arrivals … Take her to her favorite spot  / location (if possible ask people who are managing that location to help you and plan cute surprise ).

Do you have more interesting ideas ??  Do let us know 🙂

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