Cars themed birthday cakes / Cars cakes ideas, Part 1

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Have you watched Cars ?? the Animated movie ?? Are you or Your kids , the fan of this movie ?? if yes  , then this post specially goes for you … One of the spectacular animated movie based on Cars  Where Lightning McQueen (Red Car)  finds the true meaning of friendship and family in his life and became a true winner . So if you are a fan of Cars  , The animated movie and also looking for Cool Car themed birthday cakes / Car Cakes ideas , Then we present you Some Cool Cake ideas from around the Web ..

so Get Set Go….

1) Lightning McQueen


Source : Pinterest

2) Cars themed birthday cakes


Source : Pinterest

3) Lets Race…


Source : Pinterest

4) Beautiful cars theme cake

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Source : Pinterest

5) McQueen & Sheriff Cake


Source : Pinterest

6) McQueen & Mater

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Source : pinterest

7) Vroom vroom!!!!


Source : pinterest

So these were some cool cakes / cakes ideas from popular animated movie Cars, hope you guys liked it  🙂

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