Amazing Earth day party ideas

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The environment is the most important thing, because of course we cannot survive without it.  The Earth Day is to remind us that we should contribute in giving good things back to nature.

There are so many fantastic ideas to celebrate this day. We can remember the importance by having fun and adding value to our life by recycling. Party snacks can be theme oriented and you can arrange the games and recycle the waste with fun.


There are various treat ideas to be served on this day like:

·         Water (serve out of jugs or, better yet, filled pitchers, not individual bottles)

·         Juice (out of jugs or filled pitchers, not individual packages)


·         Sun Chips (to carry out the nature theme)

·         Carrot cupcakes


·         Flower Shaped Cookies


·         Platter of vegetables and ranch dip

·         Platter of fruit and yogurt fruit dip

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