9 Ways to Make Your Kid’s Birthday More Awesome

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Cake and food so appetizing and sweet Oh, we’re having a party so you’re invited for a treat! Games, party hats, and balloons will make your day fun, so we want you here when the party’s begun!

Birthday It just happens once a year, so why not CELEBRATE!. Birthday parties are the coolest way to make your kid feel special.Birthday parties are one of  the best moments of childhood and you don’t need to be a “Rocket Scientist” to plan a one. All it needs is some parental care and innovative ideas that make it the most fun and exciting celebration of your kids’ entry into a new year. So now we will tell you how to make your kid’s b’day more exciting along with some b’day party ideas.

So here are 9 Ways to make your Kid’s birthday more awesome :-

1)Build a Count Down Meter :-

It’s a coolest way to build the excitement in your kid . Well Count Down meter can be created in many ways for example get a Chalkboard or any Writing board and make a Countdown message like  7 Days to go for an awesome party or  7 days till (your kid’s name) b’day . One example is shown below












source: pinterest

2) Decorate the Bathroom Mirror :-

How about giving your kid a surprise by decorating bathroom’s mirror with lipstick , window marker or something that can be easily erasable.












Source: pinterest

3) Creating a Balloon Avalanche :-

 Well it is a another cool way to Surprise your kid on his/her b’day.












Source: pinterest

The example shown above can also be done with Cupboards by filling all the cupboards with balloons 🙂


Now lets talk about some party ideas

4) By Creating invitation card by yourself with a cool message:-

Add a little twist to formal invitation system , with your creativity 🙂  just create a invitation card with crayons and write a cool message on it   for eg:-

Blow the horn! Beat the drum! It’s not a party, Until you come! 


5) Theme Based Party :-

Throw up a party based on some cool theme that reflects your child’s favorite cartoon or games. If your little girl likes fairy tales and princess stories you can plan a cool party with your venue transformed into an enchanted castle with fairy tale themed decorations , gift boxes and cakes like Barbie Cake. And for boys, plan a fun filled super hero styled party with making every invited kid to wear a Super-Hero costume (setting a dress code) and getting a Super Hero themed Cake like Ben 10, Spiderman Cake .

Ben 10 Cake








6) Sleep Over Party :-

Inviting your kid’s friends for the party and a sleepover is a good way to let your kid have fun and remember the day. You can make it even more special and reminiscent for a long time by making it along with your kid yourself. Just buy some glitters, basic stationary, paint boxes, crayons and let the magic unfold itself as you and your kid let your imaginations fly around making personalized invitations.

7) Decorating your House by Yourself:-

Well as we said earlier you don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist” to plan b’day party. Same goes with decorations just grab some balloons , craft kits from Supermarket and you  are good to go.












Source: pinterest

8) Organizing Fun-filled Activities or Events:-

If you are going to make the party lively, just a cake and a birthday song will not suffice. You may have to do some prior planning and organizing on activities for the party.  A simple movie with popcorn might be okay for grownups but kids need some extra josh in the party. Arranging treasure hunts, little memory games, dance, face painting, book exchange are some activities to name and there are many more that you can think of and arrange depending upon the age of guests, location of the party and materials required.

9)Capture the moments :-

Write a birthday letter for your child every year and let them read it when they get older. Snap a picture on every birthday and run a slideshow of those pictures from infancy to the current birthday. Make a time capsule of the photos, guest’s notes, your child’s first birthday footprints, pictures of the first day of school and many more happy moments. You can open it and review it with your child and get delighted with the many happy memories it brings back to both of you.



Do We miss something ??  Have more ideas??  Do share with us

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