8 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s First Birthday

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Children are special and getting blessed with a baby is always a moment filled with happiness and excitement for the entire family. You wish the child to experience the same best moments in life, well then the best way is celebrating your baby’s first birthday.
The first birthday of the child is very special for parents and the family and they make every effort to celebrate in a special way so that it remains etched in the memories forever.

Now we present you 8 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s First Birthday , which would help you to make the first birthday of your child a memorable one:

Ideas to celebrate your kids first birthday
Ideas to celebrate your child’s first birthday

When celebrating your child’s first birthday, make sure that you do not invite a lot of people as your baby might get overwhelmed by seeing too many people and could turn cranky which would spoil the whole mood of the birthday. Also make sure that the party time does not collide with the child’s nap time. Your baby needs to be properly rested to have a good time on his/her first birthday. When designing an invitation, be creative and add your own personal touch to the invitation. Do save one invite as a keepsake and a fond memory.

Decorating with Personal Touches:-
No matter, what theme you choose for your baby’s first birthday, add your own personal touch to it. You can blow up a few of the baby’s photos which you like and tag them to the party area.

Choose a theme which is simple and easy to put up and remove as this would be extremely helpful for the parents who would be as tired as the baby after the party. You can choose from the favorite baby colors like pink, blue, green etc and organize a theme accordingly.

The cake for your child’s birthday has to be really special. Get the best cake for your child. If you are good at baking, you can also bake the cake at home. Make sure that you get the freshest and tastiest cake for your little darling’s birthday.

Instead of thinking in terms of quantity, think of the quality of food you serve your guests. Find out the general preferences of your guests and decide the menu for the party accordingly. Make sure that the food is delicious and there are a few dishes exclusively for the children you might have invited to the party.

Arrange for some entertainment for your guests like music and games, but do not play blaring music as this could scare your baby. Encourage all your guests to participate in the activities and hand out some small prizes to the winners.
Capture the happy moments:
Capture all the beautiful moments as videos and pictures and treasure them so that you can show your baby how you celebrated his/her first birthday.

Return Gifts:-
Make your baby’s first birthday a memorable one not just for you and your baby, but also for all the guests. Get your guests to pose for a Polaroid with the child. Put this picture into a beautiful photo frame and gift this to your guests when they leave. This would be a gift your guests would definitely cherish.
With these tips make the first birthday of your little one special and cherish the memories for a lifetime.


Did we miss something ??  or have something to share with us ??  Do share your ideas and tips with us.

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