7 Game of Thrones Cake for GOT fans

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“Winter has finally come ”  As the Season 5 of Game of Thrones premiered this week  , the era of awsomeness also begins with it. We all know how awsome the series is . And we also know how awsome  GOT themed  cakes   would be . So to get you the feel of GOT in your cakes , We present you some  Game of Thrones Cake from arround the web , which you wish to have one by your side

Lets the journey begin :-

1) Game of thrones Book  : How can we miss this , Without this book , this awsome series wouldn’t  have been possible


It is also to be noted that although there should be 2 of book #3 and books 4 and 5 are mixed up .

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2) Iron throne Cake :-


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Well if you are a GOT fan how can you forget this famous Iron Throne , coz of which this whole drama created.  Some more varient of Iron throne cakes are


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3) Tyrion Lannister : “Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.”  One of the famous line in series quoted by one of the best character in the series . Well don’t know about you guys but i m a died hard fan of Tyrion 🙂

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4)Daenerys Targaryen :  How can we forget the Mother of Dragons  , without her the series would be incomplete .



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5) Dragon’s Egg Chest :- Now when we talked about the ” Mother of Dragons ”  , then how can we forget  ” The Chest containing Dragon’s Egg ”


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6) Dragons : –  Well this is not a cake but still we thought of showing you , and it can be replicated into a wonderful cake


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7) Jon Snow : –  “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow”   , How can we forget this quote 😛   and yeah how can we forget  Jon Snow .


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