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6 ways to keep a Birthday interesting even amidst the lockdown

The whole World is under a lockdown, and the pandemic has become great hindrance to all the normalities of life too, but then life must go on ! 
Social distancing is the biggest concern but there are ways to ensure both fun and safety so we can celebrate special occasions these days. Here are six ways you can make your loved ones birthday interesting and rather memorable

Virtual Birthday Party

Video Conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Hangout etc let you plan a virtual get together with your friends. Think of a theme, and have fun making an invite to send around to your friends. Encourage them to style their background to fit the party vibe and give them a specific dress code. Blast off a groovy track and let everyone dance to it … play some cool games like Dumb Charades…..But What about the Cake? – Well, you can make it at home or can always order it online from a local bakery.

Buy thoughtful gifts

All the gift shops might be closed, but you can still buy a thoughtful gift for your loved one. For eg:- If your loved one is a gamer or likes to play games, then gift him/her, Some cool games from Steam. Also, if he/she wants to learn something new, you can always gift him/her, Courses from Udemy. Last but not the least, if your loved one is a Series Junkies like us then you can gift him/her a Netflix / Prime Video / Disney Hotstar Subscription.

Netflix Party

While you may previously have reserved Netflix for watching alone or with your flatmates on an uneventful Sunday afternoon, Netflix Party has come along just in time to get us through quarantine. Available through Chrome browsers, it’s an extension that allows you and your friends to simultaneously watch the same tv show or movie, by synchronizing playback and adding a group chat for you to discuss it while you watch. You can create your very own slumber party to catch up for virtual birthday celebrations. Just grab your popcorn and settle in.

Camp-out inside (Especially for Kids):

Well obviously, you can’t go outside, but being stuck at home doesn’t have to be boring, Turn your living room ( or garden ) into a makeshift camping ground and your child can experience the excitement of sleeping (or at least playing) in a different environment. If you want to notch it up a little, then you can create a castle with Blankets for your kid or loved one and treat them like a king/queen.

Throw a gaming party

Here’s another option that’s well suited to a child or teenager’s birthday: choose their favorite game, whether it’s Pubg, Dota, CS, Fortnite, FIFA or anything else, and invite all of their friends to join them from their own homes.

Make plans for when the lockdown is over

Though No one knows when the coronavirus pandemic is going to end. but making cool plans and reassuring your loved one that you’ll celebrate with them when the lockdown is over, will give them something to look forward to throughout this period. But at the same time keeping in mind to stay safe 

Do you have any innovative ways to make a birthday unforgettable in these times, do comment and tell us.