5 Perfect Wedding Cakes ideas for Tv and Movie Junkies

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Are you a TV or Movie Junkie or fan of Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Star Wars or other TV & movie series?? And want something special for your wedding day?? Well we have some good Wedding Cake ideas from around the Web which will make that auspicious day infinitely awesome


HODOR!! Are you a GOT (Game of thrones) Fan??  And want something special for your wedding. ??   Well we might have a good idea for your wedding cake.


Game of thrones Cake


Source:Facebook: choccywoccy


2) The Sherlock Cake

Next in our list is the Sherlock Cake. Well who isn’t a fan of Sherlock Holmes, famous detective who solved all case by his outrageous intelligence? Now if you want something special for your special day we might have a cute Sherlock themed cake just for you


Sherlock Holmes Cake
Source: @vereentjoeng / sodelightfully.tumblr.com

Source:@vereentjoeng / sodelightfully.tumblr.com


3) Doctor Who Cake

Some 1 called for a Doctor??  Another Hit British Series Which has a hell lot of fan following. If you are a Doctor Who fan this cake is especially for you

Have a look.


Doctor Who Cake
Source: Laura’s Focus Photography

Source: Laura’s Focus Photography


4) Star Wars Cake

Next in our list is Star War’s Cake. If you are a fan of Famous STAR WARS Series and want some thing in STAR WARS style for your wedding, this cake is definitely for your Special day.

Star Wars Cake
Source: Cake Nouveau

Source: Cake Nouveau


5) Batman Cake

It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. If you remember this quote then you Sir/Mam is definitely Batman Fan and what if you can have your wedding in Batman Style. Here is a perfect Cake for your wedding

Batman Cake
Source:Stiletto Studio / whengeekswed.com

Source:Stiletto Studio / whengeekswed.com




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