15 Easy Birthday Cakes Ideas for Boys 2019

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Birthdays are a great time for celebration for most people, especially for young children and teenagers. Boys love to celebrate their birthday with different types of birthday parties that’s why we have mentioned easy birthday cakes for boys. Nowadays theme style birthday parties are very common and some of the common themes include Lego, outer space, cowboys and red Indians, animals, and Disney to name a few. For a birthday party to become a success it is important to have a birthday cake for the celebrations. Birthday cakes should be delicious and should match the theme of the birthday party.  The following are some of the types of birthday cakes that are easy to buy or prepare that are very popular in birthday parties for a boy

easy birthday cake ideas for boys

Types of Popular Birthday Cakes for Boys

Animal Themed Birthday Cakes

animal themed birthday cakesMany cake decorators can make different types of animal-themed birthday cakes. Young kids love animals and generally have animal themed soft toys so they are familiar with different types of animals. These are easy birthday cakes for boys and cake makers prepare it in the shape of various common animals like elephants, lions, monkeys, alligators, and even a jungle safari type of cake with different animals. Prehistoric dinosaurs are very popular for boy’s birthday cakes.



Many times birthday parties have a range of different cupcakes so that children have a variety of flavor options as young children enjoy cupcake toppings and frostings. Buttercream, chocolate, sprinkles; candy canes, gems, Oreos, peanut butter, and edible stars are some of the cupcakes popular in birthday parties for boys.

Superhero Birthday Cakes

Superhero Birthday Cakes

Young boys love superheroes. They like superheroes in comics, in movies, and have many items and merchandise with superhero themes. The superhero-themed birthday cakes are easy birthday cakes for boys option as most cake shops sell this cake. Some of the popular superheroes made by cake decorators include Superman, Ironman, Batman, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America to name a few.

Adventure Films

adventure films cake

Young boys and even teenagers love adventure film so much that some of them become major fans of different franchises that release multiple films based on the principle concept of the franchise. Boys are fans of movies like Avengers, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Toy Story to name a few and cakes themes based on these movies are very popular all over the world.

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