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Fun Filled School Themed Cakes

Schools will soon start after few days. Kids are enjoying their summer vacations. Though they are having a lot of fun, they still miss their school, their friends and teachers. Today we thought that we will bring together some school themed cakes from all over the world to show you how they celebrated their memories. […]

Some Adorable Doraemon Themed Cakes

  When it is your child’s birthday, you would want his happiness the most. You might be knowing their favourite cartoon characters nowadays. One of the current famous characters is Doraemon. It is the funny robot from this show who has all the fancy gadgets and he is the best friend of his human companion Nobita. […]

7 Fun Cake Design Tips for Beginners

Being brave enough to start decorating a cake can be the hardest part of the whole process. We want to help with a few tips and cake design ideas for beginners that will help you build your techniques and you will be able to design beautiful cakes right off the bat.   TIP# 1: Begin […]

Some Of The Most Tempting Cakes’ List Ever

  You definitely can not control the temptation when you see a cake so scandalously-indulgent that it makes your heart wrench and your mouth water at the same time. We have searched some of the recipes for you. Take a look –   1. Glorious Piñata Cake 2. A Cake with Ice Cream Cones Attached 3. […]

Some Cool Mine Craft Themed Cake Ideas

There must be someone in your life who is crazy for games. The cakes ideas related to video games are the amazing surprise for your loved ones. We have collected some wonderful ideas related to the game of Mine Craft. You can always order such cakes online too.  Take a look at these cool Mine Craft […]

How To DIY Cute Cactus Cupcakes

  You must have seen big or cute little bonsai cactus plants in the nurseries or anyone’s home. You might love keeping the one at home too. When we saw these adorable little things as a theme in cupcakes, we thought we will share these with you. These look so realistic that you won’t find […]

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