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Adorable sweets with Emoji theme

Emoji themed sweets are a fantastic new idea to celebrate the occasions.  We cannot make our conversation complete without the emojis . They are sure way to express our raw, hidden feelings. Take a look at this creativity themed around that.  Emoji Rice Krispies Treats- Cute Emoji Cupcakes Poop Emoji Cookies Emoji Sprinkle Cakes Emoji […]

Delicious macaroons themed cakes 

Weddings come in any color, any theme and with any kind of cake at the ceremony. Well, we have brought today the macaroon themed cakes which are made in a delightful way. Delicious treat of macaroons are decorated over a cake and presented at the ceremony. This new unique style will make you stand out […]

New trend:Amazing watercolor themed cakes 

Watercolor in paintings is the ancient medium and used to delight the world since thousands of years. Many famous historic watercolor paintings are in the world, making us relive the past again. Well, now-a-days this art is a new trend in the cakes also. Artistic bakers are trying new unique technique and this is eye-catching. […]

Amazing cake trends for spring season

We are in the middle of the spring season and wedding season is almost here. The floral designs are again trending in everything then why not cakes? Take a look at these wonderful designs and creative skills of the bakers. You will definitely get cheered up by these collections. It can be a perfect decoration […]

Some wonderful Bird’s nest themed cakes

Today we are bringing to you the out of the box creativity and certainly adorable one. The bakers create most beautiful designs and the parties become sweeter for our loved ones. These wonderful bird’s nest themed cakes are made specially according to customer’s requirements. No doubt that guests were so happy to see such amazing […]

Adorable bunnies and carrot themed cakes

Look at the bunnies or rabbits, whatever you call them. They are so fluffy and there’s no one who doesn’t find them cute. What about some adorable bunnies and carrot themed cakes for the occasion of celebrations of your little loved ones. Take a look at these cute little sweets made by artistic bakers.   […]

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