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Amazing Snake And Ladder Cakes

All the people must have played the snake and ladder game in the childhood. It is known from the ancient times in India. This board game has numbered, gridded squares on board and snake and ladders pictured on it. Everyone is assured to have fun in this game. Today we have brought the cakes which are […]

Awesome Library Themed Cakes

Libraries are mostly needed for studies and book reading. Right? This is all we know. But have you ever thought that this subject can be used as a theme of cake too. The books, the big long racks, the ladders in it give the authentic feel. Well bakers have made most of it. They made […]

Some Cool Bicycle Themed Cake Ideas

Bicycle is a favorite thing since our childhood. Almost everyone learned to ride a cycle in the childhood with their parents. Their are lots of fun school memories are attached to it. Right? Well, we thought of collecting some wonderful  ideas related to the theme of cycle. Take a look at these amazing cake designs […]

The Amazing Typewriter Themed Cakes

The typewriter has become the ancient thing now but it is the invention of the printed writing. Lots of inventions were possible to note down easily due to it. The quick fact: The typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes in America in the 19th century. Today we thought of collecting some delicacies themed around this […]

Super Cool Chess Themed Cake Designs

Every one of you must have played chess at least once in your life, right? Well, It is a fun game. It takes two people to play this game. One plays with the black pieces and opponent with white. It is a very amazing and challenging strategic game. There are lots of chess tournaments held […]

Supercute Wall-E Themed Cakes

Wall-e is the animated movie released in 2008. It blew everyone’s mind with a new concept of American computer-animated science fiction comedy. This film is directed and co-written by Andrew Stanton and produced by Jim Morris. It got quite famous at that time. Lots of people are a fan of this animation. Especially the character Wall-e […]

Adorable Monkey Cakes For Kids

Kids love different themes on their birthdays which are completing their fantasies. They tend to have more fun when the cakes are more exciting full with crazy and adorable ideas. We have collected today the cutest of the ideas related to a theme. So take a look at these supercool jungle monkeys on the cakes […]

Some Fantastic Batmobile Themed Cakes

You must have already seen Batman themed cakes on our website. However, we wanted to hit you with the fresh collection of adorable designs related to superheroes. So, we thought of showcasing the cake decorations themed around batmobiles. Awesome!! Right? Well, don’t wait up.. Take a look at these stunning Batmobile themed cake designs.   Comment […]

Some Fantastic Creative Cakes To Amaze You!

Take a look at these creative cake designs which are so fantastic that they will amaze you for sure. They are specially designed for the special occasions like the birthdays or weddings. See the unique decoration done with the icing here.   source Comment below if you like these cakes and like us on Facebook […]

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