On this special day, May 14th the whole world is celebrating the importance of a mother in our life. This day is to remind her that she has done the most amazing thing in the world by giving birth to a child. From the day one, we are center of their universe, so why not we treat her like a queen daily. At least today’s day should be dedicated to her by taking out time from busy life.

If you want to make happy, there is no limit to ideas.  From getting her a nice gift to taking her to shopping, Cooking food for her and giving her rest or ordering a cake online to celebrate the day and so on; there are certain ways to reach out to her heart.

Today we are bringing the collection of quotes by famous personalities including Stevie Wonder, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, D H Lawrence, Emma Stone and others. She will definitely be glad if you share them with her.



Enjoy today’s day with her and share this pictures with friends and your loved ones. Happy Mother’s Day!